Earlier this year Monologue Monday’s hosted an event where writers were invited to interpret Shakespearean Sonnets in their own, modern way. Several talented actors then performed either the traditional or new versions in the form of monologues.

One of the writers involved was the exceptionally talented Neo Sibiya, a Wits Graduate with a passion for film, theatre, writing and performance. Neo won 3rd place in the 2015 SAFm radio-play competition for her work ‘Trains of Thought’, and has recently written several films including ‘Mmangwana’ for Mzansi Magic, among many other projects and achievements.

Below you’ll find the original Sonnet 87 by Shakespeare, as well as Neo’s interpretation. 


Reaction to Sonnet 87

Neo Sibiya

Notes: Sonnet 87- Man professing love for a young man who feels is too good for him do he must say goodbye. Mine is a subversion of this.
It is for a female (38-45) who had just lost her daughter in a car accident where her boyfriend was driving. Her daughter was 18.

Haven’t they told you? You really don’t know? My baby is dead. My one and only
child is gone… Oh Zandi…
I…I… It hurts doesn’t it? I wake up
every morning and it hits me all over; I will never see Zandi
again. Every morning when I wake up for a brief second I believe I might
see my daughter again, go to her bedroom and call her name… But then it hits me. I come to my senses and realize what
Is happening; she’s gone. Maybe she was too good for me. The ladies from the church say she was an angel just borrowed to me from a brief time. How cruel of God, he should not have given her to me at all! For a mother to bury her own child…
Maybe I was
lucky to be able to go to her
funeral; I hated every second of
it but at least I got to say
When I had her I’ve never been happier but what if I only dreamt her? Was I only a good mother in my dreams? I don’t know anymore, what if she’s not in a better place? Will God give her back?


20292616_1293042167431929_137901069872051922_nThank you Neo for this entry, and happy future writing!


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