Recently Binnie Christie from The Movement RSA interviewed Tsholofelo Mmbi, a Market Lab graduate who is currently directing a new-ish show called ‘Gomora’.
‘Gomora’ is written and performed by Mlindeli Zondi (also a member of The Movement RSA), and features live music from Prince Shapiro with vocals by Dintshile Mashile. The show premiered at Joburg Theatre earlier this year, and will be showing at the Plat4orm in Newtown later in November… More info to follow soon!
See ticket info here:
Here’s what director Tsholo Mmbi had to say about herself as an artist, and her newly formed company – Eagles Wings Productions:


Do you have any nicknames? 
Lol yes I do. The name is Mashudu but I don’t prefer anyone 
besides my guardian mother to call me by it.

If you had a stage-name, what would it be?
I  would definitely go by Hope

Tell us something about yourself not many other people know.
I’m very talkative

What is your human-power? 
Good listener and approachable

What would your super-power be? 

If you could spend the day with any theatre-maker (dead or alive), 
who would it be?
Warona Seane.

What have been your highlights from the last year?
Great feedback from performing at Hilton Festival with 'Making Mandela'.

As a director, name one of your ‘theatre values’.
Creating original work

Reflect on a moment you felt theatre might be your 'thing'. 
I remember back then in primary school when I was in grade 7,
I was selected to participate in debate. I had prepared my points 
in order but on the day before presentation, I asked my teacher 
if I could do some performance with the grade 3 learners to entertain 
the audience. She just said 'go for it' with a bit of disappointment 
on her face that I was not participating in debate anymore.
There I knew this is my calling, for I had a great vision and I had 
to be the one to direct it. I then called in the grade 3 learners 
in my class and taught them some dance moves as they also taught me 
some that they knew, and I put together a complete performance 
for that day... From the way they entered to the end as they bowed,
ohh I got a feeling of satisfaction.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?
Always be original and know that it is your duty to heal the nation 
by healing yourself first on stage.

If you could, what magical difference would you make in SA theatre? 
I would definitely face up to financial support problems,
by making more opportunities for the artists whose work speak volumes.

What was the last show you saw and fell in love with?
'The Devil and Billy Markham' - performed by James Kent 
and directed by Jenine Collocott.

Tell us about your company, Eagles Wings Productions.
Eagle Wings Productions is a young black company owned by myself and 
Mlindeli Zondi. It is one of the aspiring production companies dedicated
toward outstanding research of the content, and brings excellency within
the execution of the project, by producing demanded products in different 
genres of the entertainment spectrum which are educative, 
thought-provoking and authentic productions in theatre, TV + film.
The company aims to bring content that resonates with South Africans
and the global market, with universal stories enriched with authentic 
details. On the television segment we aim to produce in-demand work that
challenges the viewers and excites them, and will bring more viewership 
- including drama series, short films, kids’ educational programmes 
and game shows.
Lastly we aim to position ourselves as a leading production company 
in the all relevant platforms and genres of entertainment.

Is there a story behind the company name?
Yes, as we were reading  a book about leadership by John C Maxwell, 
he made a scenario about leadership in every person who is willing 
to get out of their comfort zone. He made an example about ducks and 
eagles, demonstrating how each creature has it own strength and weakness,
but by accepting those character traits and working with them, 
they become stronger. So we, as Eagles Wings, aim to break those 
limitation set within the industry and discover new adventures.

What will you be drinking after the show?
Honestly I have no idea. I might just drink water for the thirst 
I have been feeling for the show to finally showcase, lol.
For more information about Eagles Wings Productions, see here:

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