About The Movement RSA


You can’t go to the theatre without seeing Billy Langa or Mahlatsi Mokgonyana. One day these two theatre-brothers met a Mr Jovan Muthray, and the three discussed forming a theatre collective.

After watching more shows, and scouting for various actors, designers, writers, directors and poets, they found the following seven artists:

Binnie Christie, Sanelisiwe  Jobodwana, Campbell Jessica Meas, Nyaki Motloung, Star Tlali and Mlindeli Zondi.

Thus The Movemet RSA was born at the end of 2015, over coffee in Wits Art Musuem, after a conversation about current art in South Africa.


The Movement RSA at our very FIRST meeting!

We are essentially a Johannesburg based theatre collective, all from different backgrounds and with diverse creative skills. As a young company our aim is to:

  • Make fresh, innovative and exciting work
  • Collaborate with other artists
  • Further art within education
  • Connect art and business
  • Grow audiences and make theatre accessible to all
  • Further art within education

We intend to dissolve the perception of ‘the starving artist’ by engaging in work that feeds the mind, body and souls of the audience, whilst feeding ourselves too… How do artists start eating? By cooking!

The Movement RSA offers the following:

Theatre performances: either of our own work or a work request by the client.

Dramatic workshops: these workshops are designed to suit any age-group, organisation or school. Each workshop is structured to achieve the aim of the client, and ranges in length depending on the time required. Generally speaking the workshops are intended to teach certain dramatic skills (such as writing or dance), train the body and voice (for performances, speech-making or the like), or help build team-work, communication, confidence and creativity within a group.

Adjudication and feedback: If your school or organisation is in the need of ‘judges’ for an event (such as a school play festival), or trained artists to provide feedback to participants, our team all have teaching experience and so can provide detailed feedback, as well as practical exercises for the client to improve weaker areas.

School tours of ‘Just Antigone’ (around Gauteng): From 2016 until mid 2017, The Movement RSA will be touring schools with ‘Just Antigone’ – an ideal play for English and Dramatic Arts learners studying drama and classic Greek literature. In just 60 minutes the play tells the story of Oedipus and his daughter Antigone, and is followed by a Q+A session for learners to engage with the artists and artistic processes.

Entertainment. If you are hosting an event and require a short show, dancers, poets, comedians or singers, then look no further than our email address.

Please note that the length of the work above, as well as the cost, will differ according to the requirements of each project. For a quote and further information, please send us an email with your inquiries to:




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