Slow brewed

“How do young artists start eating? By Cooking!” – The Movement RSA
Or in this case, BREWING new work…

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Night at the Naledi’s

The Naledi’s was a night of great celebration for The Movement RSA! Though most of the team stuck to dry-lemon and stayed away from the free wine (probably also because we had rehearsals the next day), we cried, screamed, hugged, did all sorts of happy dances, and even took some selfies, for Jovan Muthray winning Best Performer in the Youth category, and the team winning Best Production for Young Audiences for ‘Just Antigone’.

It was inconceivable that less than 2 years ago our team was meeting for coffee the first time to discuss a possible collaboration, and now we were together again with 2 Naledi’s in hand.

‘Just Antigone’ was the thing that brought us all together. We learnt a lot – about theatre, ourselves and each other. We travelled – literally and within ourselves, bonded in backpackers, fought in team meetings and gave our all to bring you the show – and so we are so grateful for your recognition.

The SHOUT-OUTS go to:

Everyone in the team (We did it guys!)

Our family

Our friends and partners

The Naledi judges (Obvious!)

The audiences who supported us

POPArt Theatre

Grahamstown National Arts Festival

Gita Pather and Wits Theatre

All the schools in Gauteng you supported us! (You guys are the best)

All the technicians who helped us along the way

Our fellow nominees and every artists living the dream. You guys are inspiring. Let’s keep up the good work!

For the ACTUAL SPEECHES, check out these links:



Last night to see ‘Tswalo’

Theatre Duo is on for one more night at POPArt in Maboneng, with the critically acclaimed ‘Tswalo’. Written and performed by Billy Edwards, directed by Mahlatsi Mokgonyana, and with an original score and soundscapes from Cape Town based Sound Designer and Musician John Withers, this piece has gone places, will go places, and will take you places you’d struggle to imagine… So if you’re in the mood to go out tonight (Phuza Thursday, and all), here’s your last chance to see this show. For more info and bookings see below:

From the directors of the 2017 Naledi award winning ‘Just Antigone’ comes:

A tale told through lyrical prose, poetry and physical storytelling entwined to interrogate the rules that govern life on earth, such as power, creation, politics, connection, and intuition.

In Tswalo, the performer’s expression of his spiritual ‘Source’ gives the audience a baton to walk through their own paradigm of ontology. The poetry, prose and stories furnish us with the necessary tools for a deep meditation. It begs the question (or theory) of being, becoming and unbecoming.

13 – 15 June at 8pm at POPArt Centre in Maboneng, Fox Street.

Tickets R80 online and R100 at the door